What’s the Best Way to Take Herbs?

There are 4 general ways to take herbs — water, alcohol, oil, and powder.

That includes teas, infusions, decoctions, tinctures, salves, elixirs, and capsules. I would also throw in honey as a way to take an herb. 

All these forms are powerful in delivering the benefits and nutrition of herbs to your body… but the right form for you depends on your goals and your preferences.

A general rule is that a tincture gives a more immediate response because the herbs go directly into the bloodstream.

If you’re taking herbs for nutrition (for minerals, for instance), then tea, infusions, and decoctions will work great.

It’s really up to you. For taking herbs orally I prefer herbal tinctures and tea. For topical applications I prefer salve.

But, you may ask what is a tincture? And, decoction sounds a little witchy. Capsules, well you know what a capsule is. 

Click below for a simple guide explaining the different ways to take herbs. 

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