It’s finally Spring!

There is something magical about spring don’t cha think?

The Earth is waking up from the slumber of winter, the sun is starting to shine longer, the days are getting warmer and the plants are starting to sprout and bloom! All the energy is flowing up and out as nature begins its new year. 

I must admit, being a spring baby, I have a special fondness for the season. I can feel my body wanting to shed the heaviness of winter and I want to turn my face up to the sun.  

Spring is the perfect time for cleaning out the old, stale, stagnant stuff from our lives.

Let go of all those things, ideas, and beliefs that no longer serve you. You know the stuff I’m talking about, the things you are hanging on to that haven’t seen the light of day in years!

Clean out your closets, get rid of those books you are never going to read, go through your kitchen and get rid of outdated foods and herbs. Clear space for new things that will support your mind, your health, and your vitality.  

What can you let go of that no longer supports who you are and who you are becoming?

Get outside, turn your face up to the sun, and soak in those warming rays that help your body make vitamin D. Expose your skin and eyes (get naked if you dare!) to the sun for at least 15 minutes a day without sunscreen. 

Clean up your diet. It’s the perfect time to get all those accumulated toxins and mucus (from all the heavy food you’ve eaten in the winter) out of the body. Think of it like snow and ice melting. We want to turn all that junk into liquid and get it moving out.

Be aware that spring is also mud season. Too much water and earth create mud. Too much mud in the body makes you feel damp, heavy, and sluggish.

To decrease the mud and increase circulation and flow try any of these suggestions. You want to keep things moving so you don’t get stuck in the mud. Warming up the sludge helps.

  1. Drink some Lemon and Ginger tea, with a tiny sprinkle of black pepper.
  2. You can also drink CCF (cumin seeds, coriander seeds, fennel seeds) tea.
  3. Drink fresh green drinks with a spicy kick. It’s good to even add things like garlic in small amounts.  
  4. To start moving the liver and lymph, take plenty of tinctures and drink warm herbal teas made with cleavers, dandelion root, burdock root, ginger, turmeric, orange peel, and cacao nibs. These make great transitional teas. Not only do they boost immunity but they scrub the intestinal tract of any accumulated toxins. 

Happy Spring!

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