I just got back from a camping trip in the wilderness. We went on what’s called the Magruder Road Corridor.  It’s a unique road that passes through the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness and the Frank Church Wilderness in Idaho. It’s almost 4 million acres of nothing! It’s the largest unroaded (except for the Magruder Road) block of land in the lower 48! It was amazing and dusty, dirty, bumpy but so worth it!

On any trip I always pack an herbal first aid kit so I thought I would share what I stock it with. I tailor it to fit our particular needs and where we are going but most of it will fit any family and will help you take care of most situations. And, of course I bring band aids, tweezers and such.

Things I prepared for on this trip: Cuts and Scrapes, Bug Bites, Upset Stomach / Digestive Issues, Muscle Soreness, Sun Burn, Insomnia, Burns, Colds, and Headaches.


  • Owee Salve (from Weed Woman Herbals) – an antimicrobial multipurpose healing slave for any owee that might happen… cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises, rashes, dry or sun burnt lips.
  • Bug Juice – insect repellent. We didn’t have many mosquitoes on this trip but lots of flies! I don’t know what would have helped. DEET is toxic so I make my own. Recipe below.
  • Lavender Essential Oil – it’s not my favorite smell but it has so many uses it needs to be in the first aid kit. I like it for bug bites and to keep bugs away. It has antiseptic qualities so I use it for burns. It’s also calming, and you can use a drop in your armpit for deodorant.
  • Meadowsweet Tincture – mostly for inflammation, pain, sore and pulled muscles. I also use it for heartburn and upper GI discomfort.
  • Ginger Capsules – a strong ally for pain, like the kind you experience after hiking many miles. It’s also great for digestive complaints like gas, bloating, nausea and food poisoning. If you happen to come down with a cold it is antimicrobial so it will help inhibit infections.
  • Elderberry Tincture – my husband practically won’t go anywhere without it because it’s known to prevent upper respiratory infections. It’s an immunomodulator which means it helps the immune system regulate up or down depending on what the body needs at the time. Honestly, I think he just likes the taste.
  • Comfrey and Arnica Salves (from Weed Woman Herbals) – for muscle aches, pains, strains, bruises.
  • Yarrow Tincture – for so many things. It’s a bitter digestive, great for bug bites, it stops bleeding, its antimicrobial and antiseptic, works for colds and flu, urinary tract infections and it’s an antihistamine. Usually you can find Yarrow growing just about anywhere so you could use the fresh plant instead of the tincture.
  • Peppermint Tea – cooling after a long a day in the heat. Also great for digestive complaints.
  • Cili by Design Sleep – sometimes it’s hard to sleep no matter how relaxed you are (especially if you are thinking about critters stalking you in the night). This spray is much easier to carry than a tincture bottle or capsules. I also use it for pain and muscle soreness.
  • Wood Betony – I have to say I was very stressed before this trip so I brought along Wood Betony. So many uses for it but I was most interested in the properties that reduce nervous and muscular tension. It is does double duty as a general remedy for headaches (something I never get thankfully!) and pain. Another thing I like about it is that it helps you feel grounded and gives you back your instinctive wisdom and self-confidence.

Here is my recipe for Bug Juice aka Insect Repellent

You will need:

  • 4 oz spray bottle
  • 1 ½ oz. Yarrow Tincture
  • 1 ½ oz. Basil Tincture
  • 1 oz. Rosemary Tincture
  • 10 drops each of these essential Oils – Pennyroyal, Citronella, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Clove, Lemongrass and Geranium
  • 5 drops Jojoba oil

Put everything in the bottle and shake before using. Apply as needed.

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