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If you are looking for ways to use herbs as part of your healthy lifestyle, an herbal consultation may be just the thing to nudge you in the right direction. A consultation will offer an understanding of what tools and options are available to assist you in reaching your goals. You can use herbs to boost your health, manage symptoms of minor ailments and prevent and treat disease. Nutrition, managing stress, exercise and lifestyle are also key points to any plan. But the most important thing is helping you determine the best approach for your individual situation.

Consultations average 30-45 minutes. An initial visit may last 1-1 ½ hours. Recommendations may include herbal nutrition, teas, tinctures, salves, flower essences, and supplements. We will muscle test any herbs and supplements to make sure you get the correct ones for your body. It may also be recommended that you visit other complementary practitioners such as chiropractors, bodyworkers, acupuncturists, and even allopathic doctors.

During the session we will determine what course of action is best for you. Many times you will leave with an herbal formula and/or nutritional supplements.

Following the consultation we will set a time for a follow up visit, usually 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation. Within a few days you will receive an email with your detailed protocol. Any herbs and supplements not received during the consultation are usually available within a week. The cost of any herbs or supplements is not included in the consultation.

Keep in mind that as an herbalist, I am not specifically trained as a clinical herbalist nor am I a licensed medical doctor, so I will not diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure disease. I am not a substitute for those services and if you need such care you are advised to seek a licensed professional. I will discuss options, share knowledge and help support you in any way I can. My suggestions merely provide a roadmap and directions. You are the one ultimately in charge of your health.

Consultation Fees
Please note there is usually before and after prep that is included in the initial fee

  • Initial consultation 1 ½  hour – $90
  • Initial consultation 1 hour – $60
  • 45 minute consultation – $45
  • 30 minute follow up – $30
  • 15 minute muscle test – free

I recommended that you follow up at least once within a month of the initial consultation. During that time we can chat about your experience with the recommendations and adjust herbs/ supplements and dosages if necessary.