If you’re anything like me, keeping commitments to yourself isn’t easy. Staying committed to others seems so much easier. 

When I say keeping a commitment to yourself, I mean doing what you say you’re going to do. 

Maybe you tell yourself you’re going to start waking up earlier, work fewer hours, exercise, meditate, or eat better. You know, all the things we tell ourselves we are going to do, then don’t. 

The cold hard truth is- no one else is going to do for you.


If you’re not following through with your intentions you’re breaking the most important promise – the one with yourself.


Maybe someone in your life told you it was selfish to prioritize yourself. So you find yourself struggling with reoccurring health issues and your practice at wellness is inconsistent at best? God forbid you focus on your own needs. 


What if when you are trying to make decisions about things you run them through this filter: ‘Will this contribute to my physical well-being?”


Put your attention on wellness. Take care of yourself first. If you want to be in service to others it has to begin with service to yourself. 


Why do we find it so easy to keep our promises to other people and yet, not keep the promises we make to ourselves? 


Well, for one thing, we’re human. And, we set ourselves up for failure by having unreasonable expectations. 


One promise that’s hard for me to keep for myself is staying away from sugar. It’s not an intention I set every day because some days I know I won’t be able to keep it. And, I want to feel good about the promises I make and keep because it gives me a boost and it encourages me to stick with them. 

Photo by Myriam Zilles on Unsplash


The promises we make can be about more than just health. They can be about relationships, forgiveness, your dreams, the way you feel about gratitude, vulnerability, happiness, or anything really. 

If you say I’m gonna get up early and work out, do it. If you say I’m gonna cook a healthy dinner, do it. If you say I’m gonna take my herbs, do it. If you say I’m going to take a nap today, do it. 

Here’s what your intentions might look like for a day:

Promises to Myself

  • I choose love in all circumstances.
  • Today I’ll play more.
  • I’ll make movement a part of my day.
  • I’ll be flexible with my to-do list.
  • I promise to stay hydrated.
  • I’ll let go of the small stuff that happens.
  • Today I’ll eat lots of vegetables. 
  • I’ll listen to my intuition to help me make better health choices. 
  • I choose to put my health and vitality above all else.

Start small. Make the promise specific. 


Photo by micheile henderson on Unsplash

If you want to feel happier, and more confident, increase your self-esteem, and be less stressed start keeping the promises you make to yourself. 


Try working with 

  • Reishi to help you release whatever is no longer serving you.
  • Tulsi to remind you that you’re worth it.
  • Lavender to help keep your emotions calm.
  • Burdock to help you find strength when you think you have none. 
  • Dandelion to help you adapt.
  • Daisy to help you be more kind to yourself.

 “The promises we make to ourselves are sacred. For they give value to our words and reveal to the whole world how much we deep down inside think that we are actually worth.” ~ Luminita D. Saviuc   

And. I’m here to tell you, that you’re worth it. Pinkie swear!





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