Cottonwood Bud Salve

If you have never smelled Cottonwood Bud you are in for a treat because it smells heavenly! Not only that but it is a potent antimicrobial and can magically relieve muscle pain. Use it on sore and strained muscles, rheumatic pain, bruises, bug bites, cuts and scrapes, rashes and any other miscellaneous topical needs.  Plants work in a variety of ways and it’s assumed that cottonwood both modulates inflammation and directly relieves pain. In addition it is an amazing preservative so your salve should last a really long time!
Ingredients: Cottonwood Buds infused in extra virgin olive oil and thickened with beeswax.

Arnica Salve

To make this salve I wild harvest Arnica Flowers from the mountains near my home. After all these years I have finally figured out the best time to pick the flowers and of course I have a secret spot that has an amazing abundance of the plant!

Arnica has traditionally been used as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. The flowers work by stimulating and dilating blood vessels to remove congestion in an injured area.

Use it topically for contusions, muscle soreness, sprains, strains, bruises, bursitis, swelling and even arthritis. Just don’t use it on broken skin please. Discontinue use if the preparation causes a rash.

Ingredients: Arnica Flowers infused in extra virgin olive oil and thickened with beeswax.

I have found Arnica to be a great remedy for bruising. It doesn’t necessarily have an immediate impact but give it a few hours or overnight and it will work wonders!

Comfrey Salve

The leaves and roots are harvested from the plant that grows in my backyard!

Comfrey contains allantoin which encourages rapid cell regeneration. What that means for you is that it will help wounds and bones and torn cartilage heal quickly. Use it for swelling, bruises, burns and sprains. It also stops bleeding. Another useful way to use Comfrey is in the treatment of joint or muscle pain because it has a regenerative effect on joints and connective tissue.

Lavender is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and helps with pain.

Ingredients: Comfrey Root and Leaf. Lavender. Both herbs are infused in extra virgin olive oil and thickened with beeswax.

Comfrey has been used by herbalists for centuries. Hildegard of Bingen, famous saint and herbalist of the Benedictines, recommended it for wounds in the eleventh century!

OwEe Salve

This salve is your multipurpose, go to, do everything salve, for any of life’s owee’s!

Comfrey is added for it’s amazing ability to help wounds, bones, cartilage, muscle and joint pain, burns, bruises, swelling. Yarrow is in there as a prime remedy for bleeding but it is also astringent, anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory. It also contains St. Johnswort for bleeding, nerve pain (think shingles and sciatic pain), inflammation, burns, pulled muscles…you get the idea!

Ingredients: Comfrey Leaf, Comfrey Root, Yarrow Flowers, St. Johnswort Flowers all infused in extra virgin olive oil and thickened with beeswax.

Ow-Ee salve is a best seller and has been used for everything from diaper rashes to wounds on animals. This is a great first aid remedy to have in your herbal bags of tricks.