9 Foundational Herbs for Your
Herbal Home Apothecary

Want to get started or grow your Herbal Home Apothecary? Learn how to lay the foundation with 9 herbs you can use every day.

The Herbal Home Apothecary Guide helps you be more proactive with solutions to build and restore your health. You’ll have more energy, sleep more soundly, relax more deeply, and feel healthier overall.

Over the years I’ve figured out the key to successfully using herbs is to build a solid foundation. Now, I’m here to help you build yours.

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Hey! I’m Kelley

I’m on a mission to help you feel more confident using herbal medicine, trust your body’s intuition and nurture your connection with the Earth.

Since 1995, I’ve been helping people like you integrate herbs, and holistic health practices into their lives. Along the way, I’ve discovered we’re intimately connected to nature and that plants can indeed help us heal.

If you’re like me, your health is a priority and you’re looking for ways to take better care of yourself and your family and get the results you want without a lot of fuss.

The ideas you find here are meant to inspire and excite you to tap into the unlimited potential of the power of herbal medicine.

Grab a cup of tea, come on in, and take a look around.

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Bear Medicine

Bear Medicine

Last week we woke to find our trash can knocked over and trash everywhere—no real harm done except for the mess. We did have the lid secured with a bungee cord but it was ripped off. Dang bears!  At the end of summer, bears become more active. They’re on the hunt for...

Be Like a Tree and Let Go

Be Like a Tree and Let Go

Summer has faded into the sunset and in a few short days fall will officially arrive. I'm not ready but I'm also not resisting. I'm working on being more like water. Water in its healthy state is all about movement and flow. It can also be murky and stagnant and I...

Feel Supported with Burdock Root

Feel Supported with Burdock Root

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