There is no better herb to drive melancholy vapors from the heart, to strengthen it, and make a merry, cheerful, blithe soul.
-Nicholas Culpeper, The English Physician 1652

Motherwort as the name suggests has long been a beloved herb for women. And, as its species name, cardiaca, implies motherwort is a gentle and strengthening tonic for the heart. It is an herb that reminds us there is no real separation between the physical and emotional heart. Motherwort gives us the gifts of inner strength and trust. She also reminds us that the prickly parts of ourselves need to be nourished and embraced along with the softer parts.

Motherwort is used to strengthen the heart and is considered a cardiotonic. It is a mild hypotensive and can be used to decrease high blood pressure especially when it is associated with extreme emotions. It can be used in those situations when you are anxious and your heart is racing.

Motherwort is an excellent tonic for the uterus. It helps relieve menstrual cramping and brings on late menstruation. If you are prone to PMS get to know Motherwort. She stimulates the liver to breakdown hormones, helping to regulate menstrual cycles and menopause.

Like most herbs it is diverse in its uses. Motherwort is really bitter, so it is helpful for stimulating the digestive system and can calm the anxiety or nervousness that may be the cause. Motherwort strengthens the kidneys and acts as a mild diuretic. Whenever you have pain, try Motherwort.

Cautions: Do not use Motherwort with menstrual flooding or if you are pregnant.

To make your own Motherwort tincture follow these steps:

  1. Harvest the top third of the plant including buds and flowers and leaves and stems.
  2. Stuff a jar full of the plant material and pour vodka to the top.
  3. Cover and let it sit for 6 weeks.
  4. Strain out the plant material and bottle.
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