Hawthorn is respected as a tree of enchantment under the protection of the faery realms.
-The Goddess Tree

Hawthorn is a wonderful tree for healing the heart, both physical and emotional. Use it anytime you have heartbreak, when you can feel your heart hurting. Hawthorn offers healing to those who consciously or unconsciously guard their heart. It helps the heart feel safe and calms the spirit.

Hawthorn is the best remedy for the physical heart and cardiovascular system. It opens the arteries improving blood supply and circulation. It is a great tonic for high blood pressure. Use it for angina and irregular heartbeat and preventing plaque buildup in the arteries. Hawthorn is diuretic, relieving fluid retention.

Hawthorn is calming and relaxing. It has traditionally been used to ease anxiety and irritability and can help eliminate insomnia due to stress. It has been used for those who have a hard time concentrating or can’t sit still.

Hawthorn is entirely safe for long-term use and needs to be taken over a period of several months to achieve best results.

Caution: It has been known to enhance the effects of digitalis and beta blockers.

One of the easiest ways to enjoy Hawthorn is by making a cup of tea but if you are more adventurous try this recipe!

Heart Lovin’ Herbal Chocolate – Hawthorn Recipe

And last, but certainly not least, Motherwort.

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