Road Trip Remedies

We recently went on a short, but much-needed road trip. It was just a quick drive north to sit by the river, do some hiking and relax. 

We’ve spent the spring grinding er working on some projects around our property. Things that needed to be done before it gets hot and too miserable to be working outside. So even though it’s been cold and rainy it’s perfect working weather, well, except for the rain. 

The deer fence is up, the apple trees are planted and of course, more herbs were added to the collection. 

But, it was time for a break. 

Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

As I was rounding up the essential herbs I got to thinking, hey most of these things are the 4 pillars of the Herbal Home Apothecary. Sleep, Build Immunity, Digest, and Relax.

If you need a reminder you can go here to download the 9 Herbs for Your Herbal Home Apothecary Guide.

What goes in your own herbal travel kit might be different than mine based on what you specifically need but the basics are the basics. 

I like to customize my kit depending on where I am going and how long I’m gonna be gone. 

For a couple of days it doesn’t need to be much but I’m an over-packer anyway so I usually bring more herbs than I need. Hey, if I have the space why not?

Traveling by car gives you the opportunity to bring more than if you were traveling by plane or traveling light.

When you’re traveling it’s also fun to see what herbal treasures you can find wherever you are. But, if you have insomnia or digestive upset you’re gonna want immediate relief and not be wandering around hoping to find something to help. 

And, if you are in the middle of nowhere (like we were) you don’t have the option of going to a store. 

3 Guidelines for Your Herbal Travel Apothecary

  1. Bring along herbs that do more than one thing. 
  2. Bring along herbs you most commonly reach for. 
  3. Bring along herbs specific to what you are doing. 

We were going to be hiking so insect repellent was a must. Sunburn was a possibility so I included sunscreen and burn relief. Sometimes I don’t sleep well and have digestive issues especially if I am eating things I don’t normally eat so I added herbs for that. Constipation can be a problem. And, staying in a place frequented by other travelers made immune-boosting herbs important. Something for pain is also a good idea. 

I still had some residual muscle pain from all the spring projects so I brought a few herbs for that. Read more about those herbs here.

Take a peek inside my Herbal Travel Apothecary.

The following things are what I have in my kit, plus or minus depending on what I’m doing. I hope it gives you ideas for creating your own.

Remember it’s nice to bring along herbs that do more than one thing. 


There is bound to be an owee or two when traveling so I bring a salve that I can use topically. 

OwEe Salve is an all-around healing salve for minor cuts, bumps, bruises, scrapes, and just about anything else you can think of. Perfect for traveling. Get it here


Having trouble sleeping is common when traveling. Actually, it’s a common problem at any time. If you travel long distances you can have the jet lag thing going on. Sometimes you’re wound up from traveling or sleeping in a strange place is weird so you can’t sleep. Too much sugar and caffeine. The list goes on. 

Skullcap Tincture is great if you have tense muscles and can’t relax enough to fall asleep. And, it’s great for a restless mind at night, especially if you can’t initially fall asleep because you are thinking about all the things that happened in your day, even if they’re fun vacation thoughts. 

I Sleep Soundly from Banyan Botanicals. 

Tummy Troubles 

It’s easy for your digestion to get out of whack when you travel. You’re often eating unfamiliar and less-than-healthy foods when you’re traveling. (we all do it sometimes, okay maybe all the time, but hey we’re on vacation).

Photo by Robin Stickel on Unsplash

Ginger Capsules

When I travel I like to use Ginger in capsule form. It just seems easier. 

Ginger is one of the best herbs for digestion. It is warming, and aromatic, and can help with things like bloating, gas, feeling heavy after meals, and constipation.

Ginger can be used for respiratory system infections and can help prevent any more infections. It can get stuck mucus moving and relieve congestion, coughs, and stuffy sinuses. 

Ginger can also be used for pain and inflammation and a million other things.

Having candied Ginger is another great way to get the benefits. I like Reed’s Ginger Chews. Get ’em here. 

Peppermint Tea Bags

Peppermint is a superstar herb, and you can take it to support all kinds of digestive issues. 

A cup of Peppermint tea can help relax a belly ache, nervous stomach, heartburn, gas, bloating, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps you name it peppermint helps. It’s also cooling so it’s refreshing when it’s hot outside. 

Peppermint can clear the sinuses, get rid of the heat of a fever, break up congestion in the lungs, and relieve coughs. 


Constipation is a problem that most of us suffer from at one time or another. (even if you don’t realize it…but that’s a topic for another day)

A lot of times drinking more water, exercising, and eating more veggies (even if you are on vacation) can help.  I always bring Raisins to help keep things moving and they make a good snack.  

LBS from Nature’s Sunshine is super helpful. It’s a purgative/laxative formula so unless you need a heavy hitter you might consider something else. 

Magnesium pulls water into the intestines, to help soften things, and keep the waste moving toward the exit. And, it relaxes intestinal muscles, which also helps the process. It’s also a muscle relaxant so it can double as a pain reliever. 

Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, and Yellow Dock Root tinctures are also good options. 

Immune Support

Traveling can wreak havoc on the immune system so I always bring something to support my immune system and hope I don’t ‘catch’ anything along the way. 

Planes, trains, automobiles, hotel rooms, restaurants, and public restrooms… are all petri dishes with plenty of germs just waiting for an unprepared immune system. And getting sick on vacation is no bueno.

I use Elderberry Tincture to keep my immune system humming along and warding off any potential invaders.

Elderberry boosts the immune system and can be used preventatively against all types of viruses and flu including runny nose, cough, sore throat, fever, and muscle pain. 

Miscellaneous Add Ons

Lavender Essential Oil can be used topically for bug bites, headaches, and burns. Breathing in the scent of lavender can also promote relaxation (something that’s quite handy when the stress of traveling is getting to you.) I don’t particularly care for Lavender but it’s so good for so many things that I bring it anyway. 

Yarrow Tincture cause you can use Yarrow for just about anything. Bug bites, digestion, headaches, bleeding, infections, sore throat, colds…

Activated Charcoal for stomach bugs and food poisoning. 

Staying Hydrated 

LMNT is my preferred hydration support. More salt, not less. No sugar. Check them out here

Putting together your Herbal Travel Apothecary is easy. Just take a minute and figure out your personal needs. Consider how you want to take the herbs, tincture, tea, capsule, oil, salve… Remember to pick herbs with multiple uses for simplicity and convenience.

And, viola, Herbal Travel Apothecary.

Happy travels!

Just so you know. I don’t get any compensation for the products I’ve recommended except for the Weed Woman stuff of course. I just want you to know where to resource things if you have a desire to do so. 

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