I love the holidays! I think starting the winter with joy and celebration is terrific! The smells are intoxicating, the excitement is infectious, and the energy is tangible. Oh, and my personal favorite, the special treats that are made every holiday. I remember making cookies with my mother that were ONLY made at Christmas… cutting the Christmas shapes for the sugar cookies, slicing piles of gumdrops, and eating cookie dough till I was sick. I still love those traditions but I am much more aware of the negative effects of so much sugar. As an herbalist I am also interested in finding ways to incorporate herbs into my food. One way I have found to have my sugar with less impact on my system is to make herbal honeys.

Honey has been regarded as a healing substance for thousands of years. It is a super food. It is live and contains vitamins B, C, D and E as well as some minerals. Honey is antibiotic and clears infections on the skin, and throughout the body. It is a superior burn and wound healer. Honey is antiviral, expectorant and immune stimulating… a good choice for treating any respiratory condition. It is said that the gifts of honey are long life, good health and reverence for spirit. Besides all the health benefits it tastes good!

When you combine honey with medicinal herbs you get a truly nourishing and medicinally potent mixture. Use herbal honey to enhance and restore your health.

Use herbal honey the same way you would use regular honey. A typical dose is one teaspoon. You can spread it on toast, stir it into your tea, or eat it by the spoonful right out of the jar.

To make an herbal honey tea, place one tablespoon of herbal honey into a mug add boiling water, stir and drink. This is especially good for sore throats. If you are using it for a wound or burn, smear the honey directly on the affected area making sure that the entire herb is strained out.

Please do not give honey to children under the age of one as they do not have sufficient stomach acid to destroy any botulinus spores contained in raw honey.

Some of my favorite Herbal Honeys:

  • Rose Petal Honey – enhances immune function
  • Sage Honey – great for sore throats and respiratory complaints
  • Bee Balm Honey – works on acute infection, congested sinuses
  • Lemon Balm Honey – helps fight viral infection and cold sores
  • Cinnamon Honey – digestion, immune system

If you are looking for a unique holiday gift consider giving the gift of the bees and the plants, HERBAL HONEY.

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