Valentine’s Day is upon us and love is in the air! In Roman mythology, Cupid is the god of desire, affection and erotic love and was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day. I don’t know about you, but when I think about love and romance the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby, toddler coming at me with a weapon!

As mythology goes, one of the real meanings of the day is based on St. Valentine who was jailed for secretly marrying young lovers, defying the Romans and being sentenced to death. The holiday celebrating lovers was later named for him. In 1913 Hallmark Cards got in on the action and began mass producing Valentine cards and February hasn’t been the same since. But this holiday is not just for lovers. If you look a little deeper, you might just uncover the true meaning of what Valentine’s Day is all about. That true power is LOVE and there is nothing more important! So, use this day to show gratitude, appreciation and love to all the people who have touched your life!

In the spirit of the day I have gathered some recipes I think you will enjoy. Additionally, I have put together an herbal materia medica about three wonderful heart nourishing herbs.

First a little shout out to chocolate! I mean who doesn’t like a bit of chocolate on Valentine’s Day! When reaching for chocolate, dark is your best choice. Studies have shown that eating dark chocolate can reduce high blood pressure, increase HDL (the good cholesterol) and help reduce the risk of diabetes. Chocolate can improve your mood, feed your brain, and help with fatigue. But remember, you need to consume chocolate with at least 70% cacao and not tons of sugar. Try raw cacao nibs and cacao powder. Be careful if you are sensitive to stimulants because cacao contains theobromine and caffeine.

Try these amazing recipes using chocolate!

Orange-Ginger Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Homemade Chocolate Recipes for Decadent Herbal Chocolates

What goes great with chocolate? Why, Roses of course! Tune in tomorrow to read all about the flower that best represents the feelings of the heart.

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