Do you ever have those days when you can’t quite get your motor running? You know you have things to do, but you can’t get it in gear to accomplish anything. You’re stuck in neutral, and no matter how hard you press on the gas, you can hear the engine revving but you don’t go anywhere. 

I had one of those days recently. They usually come after a long stretch of doing too much. My body and mind put the brakes on and I had no choice but to surrender. To let go of control. To be okay with not getting things done. To slow down if only for a day. 

I’ve had enough days like that to understand that this is the wisdom of the rhythm of my body. 

We try to control things and keep going even when our intuition tells us that the best possible outcome is to let go, if even for a moment. 

Flow, she whispers. Everything happens in cycles. 


But, fear holds us back from embracing our own innate intelligence, and the Infinite consciousness that guides us.  

What would happen if you gifted yourself a day to integrate the changes you feel happening in your body, the seasons, and the world?


Nature is constantly giving us a blueprint for how to flow, pause, and recalibrate, even as we resist. 


There will always be days when things don’t go the way we planned. Those days are like the above-ground parts of a tree. Storms and lightning strikes. Cracked and broken branches. Woodpeckers pecking. If your roots are shallow you may topple over. 

Photo by Lee Jeffs on Unsplash


But, if your roots are deep, you’ll have a strong foundation that can withstand the bumps of life. 


Even when the wind whips and things are swirling around you, if you do the work of rooting and grounding, you’ll always have a base to work from.

When your root energy is strong, you feel secure and safe. Root energy radiates downward and connects you to the Earth itself. 


One way to deeply connect the Earth is through root medicine. 


Roots are grounding, and if you harvest roots you are taking the life of the plant, so it’s really important that you do it with profound reverence. 

Starting in early fall, the plants begin shifting energy into their roots so they can stay strong and survive the cold harsh winter and come back again in the spring. 


A Root to Build a Strong Foundation


Burdock Root 

If you’ve ever dug up a Burdock root you quickly learn that she is intimately connected to the Earth. The tap roots are deep, deep, deep making digging extremely difficult. But, this lets Burdock access nutrients from far underground.

  • Burdock acts slowly and helps the body remember what it was like to be healthy.
  • It warms the body when you eat it. In Japan, it’s called gobo and can be used in soups and brewed in teas. You can find it fresh in grocery and health food stores. 
  • It has a high amount of inulin, a prebiotic, so it supports the gut flora by providing nutrients for it to eat.
  • Burdock is a natural detoxifier and helps break up stagnation to get things moving again. It’s particularly helpful to the liver, lymphatic system, and kidneys. 
  • It’s a well-known herb for promoting healthy skin and can tackle chronic and acute skin rashes like eczema, psoriasis, acne, and boils. 
  • It can improve inflammation so it’s helpful for arthritis. 

Burdock helps us deal with our anxieties of the unknown grounding us to the present. It goes deep and penetrates our core to encourage us to find new ways to look at old patterns. And, gives us faith to move ahead knowing we are operating from a solid foundation. 


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