Have you ever worried about the effect of cell phones or wi-fi on your family?

Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) has been proven by over 8,000 published studies to cause mutation of cells and cancer. Seriously!!

The U.S. government has done little to protect or even warn us, and has recently even approved the rollout of the 5G network. Its implementation will massively increase our constant exposure to radioactive, chaotic frequencies that affect our focus, and put us at risk for disease.

Dr. Joe Mercola recently stated that in 20 years, we will look back at the epidemic of unmitigated EMF in our environment as deadlier than we now consider secondhand smoking to be.

Most people have never heard of EMF, and fewer still have taken measures to decrease it in their home and office. It’s easy to ignore, since you can’t “see” it! We have more devices in our energy field than ever before and while the exposure from any one device may not be significant, the cumulative effect is significant.

I want to share a short (4 minutes) video by my friend Robyn Openshaw about what EMF is, and why addressing it in your home and office might make a big difference in your health and energy!
Video: Protect Your Brain from EMF

You can also get Robyn’s FREE action plan. Just click the link and check off all the easy things you can do in a day or two to protect yourself.
Grab your free EMF Action Plan

Fortunately, there are ways to dramatically decrease your exposure. Let me share a few easy tips. Using these tips will literally “recharge your battery!” And if you have children in your home, it’s absolutely critical to address EMF, because they have very sensitive, developing brains.

  • The most important solution is to get a 5 pack of EMF-effects-neutralizing xZubi devices!! (currently 40% off!) and put one on the back of every cell phone and device in your home. Make sure any tablet or phone your kids use has a xZubi on it. I have these things everywhere!! I have them on my microwave, printer, cell phone, computer, TV, basically any EMF emitting device! Learn more about how this patented device works, to protect human cells from chaotic frequencies, here.
  • Unplug things you aren’t using, as outlets leak energies and when a charger or something else is plugged in, it’s worse. (You can test how much EMF is bleeding from your outlets–the EMF Action Plan tells you what meter to get.)
  • Some types of light bulbs (CFL’s, the swirly lightbulbs that contain mercury) put out lots of EMF. These lightbulbs that were originally sold to us as being more environmentally friendly actually emit 70 percent of the mercury into the environment within first 3 days after installing. Definitely replace these!
  • If you can’t have your cell phone off, put it 8 feet away from you. Don’t have it near you, especially when you’re sleeping.
  • Blue light from your TV or devices impact the pineal gland that produces melatonin, which helps you get good sleep at the right time. Your body thinks it’s still daytime if you are exposing yourself to blue light. So, shut off your TV after dark, or use Gunnar or similar blue-light-blocking glasses to watch TV or use your devices in the evening. You can also go to Settings on your phone and use Night Shift, which filters blue light. Or, try f.lux (it’s a free download) for your computers and mobile devices. It adjusts the color of your computer’s display to the time of day.
  • Ground yourself often! Hug a tree, or walk barefoot on the Earth (sand, dirt, or grass). This allows you to discharge EMF and pick up electrons that neutralize free radicals. This helps restore your natural optimal vibrational frequency.
  • Limit the metal on your body, because it acts a conductor of EMF. Underwire in bras and metal jewelry make you a conductive antenna!
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi modem at night. Wi-Fi is constantly casting a signal, and is very strong. Better yet, ground your computers and don’t use wi-fi at all. Data is better than Wi-Fi on your phone because it pings every 5 minutes, whereas Wi-Fi searching for signal is constant. If you have to carry your cell phone on your body or near you, put your phone in airplane mode as much as possible.
  • Never text in a parked car, which makes you an antenna. Using Wi-Fi in your car makes you an antenna in a microwave! If you’re sitting in your car texting, consider getting out, and finishing your work on your phone with your bare feet in the grass instead!

Still think EMF isn’t real? Here’s an interesting fact. Bees will leave a hive if you bring Wi-Fi near it! In fact, some scientists theorize that the en masse die-off of honeybees in the modern world is due to high exposure to EMF from cell phone towers, etc.

If you are already dealing with a health issue–heavy metal toxic overload, or viral infection, or recovering from cancer, for instance–EMF overexposure can intensify and amplify other illnesses because the immune system is weakened.

Thank you to Dr. Libby Darnell and Robyn Openshaw for their research. Make sure to get their EMF Action Plan, at no cost, and put as many of their strategies in place as possible, to maximize your energy and minimize your disease risk. And don’t forget to grab a pack of xZubi and stick those things everywhere!

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