Here is the thing, I know nothing about Astroherbology. Zilch, zero, nada.

But I find it interesting.

I did a little research and came up with some cool little tidbits about it.

Astroherbology is the art of using astrological wisdom to help and influence your medicinal and wellness choices. (paraphrased from wortsandcunning)

The primary way an Astroherbologist (who knew there was such a thing right!) works is through your birth chart. The natal chart represents the tools, dispositions, weaknesses, and strengths that you are born with.

There are herbs of the Sun 🌞 which have to do with ego, resilience, manifestation, self-love, and the heart. 

Herbs of the Moon 🌙 are about the gut, pineal gland, emotional body, intuition, and mood. 

The herbs of Mercury are all about the mind, the nervous and respiratory systems, and communication. 

You get the idea. 

Astrology affects everything on earth including plants, which absorb these cosmic vibrations through photosynthesis. 

Even the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, classified and diagnosed diseases based on astrological phenomena. 

Apparently, Astroherbology is especially effective in tracking down illnesses that seem to have no easily identifiable root cause. And, it can help make you aware of stuff that might be coming up in your life that would affect your health. That would be so helpful!

♎We are in the season of Libra. 

Libra is ruled by Venus, a planet of peace, love, beauty, and harmony. Kind of like my favorite Libra. ❤️

The herbs that fall under the rule of Venus also have to do with the kidneys, thyroid, and reproductive system.  

Some of the potential imbalances of a Libra person might include kidney imbalances like kidney stones, renal colic, and kidney disease. Diabetes and sugar addiction. Urinary tract infections and urinary system imbalances. Lower back pain. 

Since Astroherbology has certain herbs associated with each sign I thought why not take a look at the herbs of Libra this month? 

This will be especially relevant if you are a Libra but even if you aren’t you will get the benefits.

I haven’t really dug deep into the idea of guardian and remedy herbs but here is the gist.

Guardian Herbs are herbs that embody the energy of a sign. 

Guardian Herbs for Libra: Damiana, Violet, Rose, Beech, Jasmine, Angelica, Thyme, Yarrow, Passionflower, and Rooibos.

Remedy Herbs are the herbs that help bring imbalanced or weakened signs back to a place of balance.

Remedy Herbs for Libra: Nettle, Goldenrod, Burdock, Mullein, Black Cohosh, Barberry, Ashwagandha, Cranberry, and Goldenseal. 

Yarrow, a Libra guardian herb, and Mullein a remedy herb are 2 of the herbs associated with Libra. Let’s take a look at how they can help.

Yarrow Flowers

♎Yarrow is a Libra Guardian Herb. 

An ancient herb of healing, protection, and power. Yarrow can help with almost any system in the body. Yep, it’s badass!

And, Yarrow grows almost everywhere so it’s easy to wildcraft and make stuff with like tinctures, salves, bitters, and powders. Gather the leaves before it blooms and the flowers when they are in bloom. 

Here are some things that Yarrow might be able to help you with.  

It has been called ‘master of the blood’ because it regulates the flow of blood. 

That’s important because it stops bleeding, lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, helps stimulate clotting, and relieves some headaches. 

It also acts on the kidneys as a diuretic. Which is a fancy way of saying it makes you pee

Use it for colds, flu, cramps, and digestive complaints. It’s a liver tonic. It will make you sweat, help get rid of toxins and break a fever. Try it for reducing hot flashes.

Yarrow is an excellent wound healer and contains anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Use it alone or add it to other herbs in a salve. 

Yarrow can be used to help regulate the menstrual cycle, menstrual pain, heavy bleeding, cervical cancer, uterine prolapse, and fertility problems. Do not use it while pregnant.

Yarrow is a warrior herb and sometimes you need to put on your armor and go to battle.

Cautions/Contraindications: Yarrow is considered safe but there are always exceptions and individual reactions. It may be too drying if you have a dry, cold constitution and may cause reactions if you have allergies to plants in the aster family.

Mullein Leaves

♎Mullein is a Libra remedy herb.

Mullein leaf is a great ally during the winter months, helping to clear mucus from the system, reduce inflammation and protect against infection. 

You can smoke it, drink it, tincture it and make it into an oil.

It helps to clear those ‘been coughing forever’ dry, spasmodic coughs. (ugh I hate those where you think you are going to literally cough up a lung!)

The leaves are helpful for most respiratory conditions affecting the lungs like bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough, colds and flu, and any other lung stuff. Basically, it’s a tonic for the respiratory system. 

Mullein has immunostimulating properties which is another reason that it is excellent for cold and flu season and especially for someone that gets chronic viral infections.

It eases inflammation and dryness which makes it great to take for smoke exposure. And, if you live in the NW like I do it’s a really important remedy to have on hand! The smoke has been brutal this year. 😩

Use Mullein to relieve pain, and clear the lymph.

You can also use the roots of Mullein, something I have yet to try. One of the root uses is incontinence. Every year I say I will dig some roots and then, well I don’t. 🤷

Let me know if you have any experience with Mullein roots. 

The flowers are mildly narcotic and can be used as a tincture or tea for sleep and in oil as a remedy for earaches. 

Metaphysically, Mullein represents focus and grounding. When you feel muddled or fragmented, use Mullein. 

Want to know more about Astroherbology and your own sign and the herbs and issues associated with it?

Check out these resources.

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