About Me

Hey! I’m Kelley

I’m a small-town Idaho mountain dweller, herbalist, kundalini yoga instructor, hiking fanatic, lazy gardener, and medicine maker.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been curious. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s given me the passion, desire, and energy to explore new things.

From working in a wire factory,
to slinging burgers,
to finance (the only job I ever got fired from, I despised the collections part of the job),
to retail management (shoes, children’s clothes, the Gap),
to massage therapist (helping people feel better and coaching them on health, so awesome),
to cleaning houses,
to really bad waitress (seriously I sucked),
to herbalist (I think I may have found “my thing”, going on 30 years now),
to yoga instructor (okay I think I may have found another “my thing”).

So, hey, I’m a little unconventional, and I’m good with that. The road hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been a crazy, beautiful journey and I wouldn’t change a thing.

All those many passions and interests that seemed so random intersect at a place I call Weed Woman Herbals. It’s here where I help you remember how to live a more simple natural life.

It’s a space where I share my experience and herbal knowledge, so you can skip the overwhelm and get practical ways to integrate herbs, holistic health, and yogic practices into your life. I make it fun and simple.

Open your heart, keep asking questions, connect to your own inner wisdom, and dance with the magic of the entire universe.

P.S. The plants have your back.
P.P.S. You’re probably gonna get a little dirty.

Up Close and Personal

  • I actually have a degree in Criminology from the University of Maryland (crazy huh!).
  • I love books… bordering on obsession, almost, and I highlight in all my books…even fiction.
  • I’m honest and I tell it like I see it and I used to feel bad about that but now I just own it.
  • I never dreamed I would end up living in Idaho!
  • Hiking is essential and non-negotiable.
  • I love movies, and can watch some over and over and over.
  • My first job was picking cherries and I got poison ivy from accidentally squatting in a patch to pee!
  • I’m learning to remember to breathe.

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